The subscriber profile page contains all the available information we've collected for a specific email address in your list. We'll display a profile picture, if it's publicly available), social data, activity history, the member rating, and other useful information about the subscriber. You can also edit, unsubscribe, or delete a subscriber directly from their profile page.

Below, you'll learn how to access a subscriber profile page and what information is available there.

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Access a Subscriber Profile

There are a couple different ways to access a subscriber's profile. Use our Search tool built into the app to find subscribers or you can also find this info from the Lists page in the account:

  1. Navigate to the Lists page.
  2. Click the title of the list your subscriber is a member of.
  3. Find the subscriber and click their email address to view their subscriber profile.

General Information

The first portion of a subscriber profile shows some general information we've collected about this subscriber. In addition to a subscriber's email address we'll also display the following.

general subscriber information

  • Member Rating We'll display a number of stars between 0 and 5 that represent a subscriber's engagement level. Member ratings take into account open and click activity, past bounces or unsubscribes, as well as a few additional factors to determine a subscriber's engagement.
  • Subscribed Displays the date and time the subscriber was added to your list.
  • VIP When you tag a subscriber as a VIP, you can track their activity using our Golden Monkeys app for iPhone and Android.


The information under the Details tab on the subscriber profile goes more in depth about each subscriber.
subscriber information details

Subscriber details

Subscriber details will show any fields set up for this list along with the subscriber's information for those fields.


The Overview section logs the following information about your subscriber collected by MailChimp:

  • Profile Updated Notes when changes were made to a subscriber's profile, whether made by the subscriber using an Update Profile link or by an account admin changing the subscriber's profile.
  • Timezone When a subscriber signs up for your list, we collect the IP address from their signup location. The IP address information is then sent to a geolocation service provider to get an estimate of your recipients' locations which allows us to determine their timezone. The geolocation data maintained dynamically by gathering the new IP address through a subscriber's campaign activity.
  • Favorite Email Client Over time, MailChimp can detect what email client a subscriber uses when they open your campaigns based on user-agent information. Knowing the email programs your subscribers use most is helpful because you can use it to tailor your content and design to your subscribers.
  • Language When a subscriber opts-in to your list, updates their profile, or clicks links in your campaigns (if you've enabled click-tracking), we'll try to detect their browser's language settings in order to determine their preferred language. You can even segment your list based on subscriber language.
  • Signup Source Displays how the subscriber was added to your list. We can track whether the subscriber opted-in to your list using your hosted MailChimp signup form, a MailChimp embed code form, or the Facebook Signup Application. We can also track if the subscriber was added via our API, OAuth apps, added manually or during a list import, as well as through eCommerce360 actions. If you have subscribers that were added to your list before 9/19/2012 they will not have a signup source listed. To segment these subscribers you can use Date added > is before > 9/20/2012.

Groups subscribed to

Here you'll be able to see which groups this subscriber is a member of in this list. If you don't currently have groups set up in your list, you will not see the Groups subscribed to section of the subscriber profile.


For each subscriber in your list, we'll display which campaigns you've sent them, which campaigns they've opened, and what links they've clicked on. Use the Filter activity drop down to filter the results by type of activity or date.

subscriber activity tab

In the activity history, you can view and filter by the following options

  • All activity Displays a chronological overview of all activity for your subscriber.
  • Ecommerce360 When using one of our eCommerce360 integrations, we show ecommerce activity gathered about this subscriber.
  • Campaign sends Will display when a Regular Ol', RSS-Driven, A/B Split, Automation workflow, or TimeWarp campaign was sent. When an A/B Split campaign is sent we'll display which group, A or B, the subscriber was a part of.
  • Opens When a subscriber opens your campaign we'll display the date and time here.
  • Clicks If a link is clicked in the campaign, we'll display the date and time here.
  • Bounces Bounces are undeliverable addresses to an inbox, if an email bounces on send we'll display that info here.
  • Unsubscribes When a user unsubscribes from your list we'll display the date and time it occurred.
  • Abuse complaints An abuse complaint occurs when your recipient clicks on "report spam" in their email program. If this occurs we'll display the date and time here.
  • Mandrill activity If you've connected your MailChimp account to Mandrill we'll display activity history for sends, opens, and clicks passed over from your Mandrill account.

Activity History information is gathered for a subscriber for as long as they're on your list. If they happen to unsubscribe and resubscribe, their previous Activity History will still be available.


The Notes field under the subscriber info section allows you to add subscriber specific information this is visible on the profile only. This is useful for keeping track of any pertinent information that you don't want as a merge field or visible on the signup form.

subscriber notes tab


The Conversations tab logs conversations you've had with subscribers. On this page you can view, reply to, filter, or delete messages from this subscriber. Read more about conversation tracking.

subscriber conversations tab


This page displays a breakdown of all the subscriber's purchases tracked through eCommerce360 activity. If the purchase was tied to a MailChimp campaign, we'll show the name of the campaign as well.

subscriber ecommerce history


The Goals tab in a subscriber's profile will list any visits by this subscriber to URLs or Javascript events on your site that are tracked with our Goal integration.

subscriber Goal history


If you've activated SocialPro for your list, we'll display publicly available social data for the subscriber. When this information is gathered, MailChimp populates Name, Age, Gender, Company, and Social Networks based on available information tied to the subscriber's email address.

This feature is limited to certain user levels. You can see your user level on the Users & Account Details page and this article explains what each level can access in the account.

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