How Subscribers Can Update Their Profiles

Subscribers can update their profiles when they click the Update Profile link in a campaign, or by returning to your signup form. In this article, you'll learn how a subscriber can update their profile through the signup form.

When a subscriber visits your signup form anywhere you've placed it on the web, they'll be able to fill it out as normal. If they try to sign up with an email address that's already subscribed, they'll see an error message.

If the subscriber clicks Click here to update your profile, we'll send them an email with a personalized link to update their profile.

When the subscriber clicks the link in the email, we'll take them to a preferences screen that's pre-populated with their current profile information. They'll be able to make any changes they want, and click Update Profile when they're done.

To find out when a subscriber last updated their profile, navigate to the Lists page, click the name of the list you want to work with, and check the Last Changed column or search for the subscriber and find that information on their subscriber profile. The Last Changed field also reflects when an account user updated a subscriber's information.

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