Signup Forms for Multiple Lists

This feature requires Manager user level or higher.

It is possible to set up a signup form to submit to multiple lists, but it is considered an advanced task, and recommended for users with programming experience or access to a developer who is familiar with our API. Each signup form that points to multiple lists needs to be customized to specific list settings. If you need help, try our MailChimp experts

We recommend that you use a single form per single list. To manage subscribers across multiple lists, interests, or projects, try out our  groups and segments features. These both help eliminate redundant data from your lists, while also providing helpful targeting tools when you send campaigns. In addition, when a user uses the update profile link, they'll be able to update their preferences in one place instead of many. 


However, if groups and segments aren't sufficient for your needs, follow the steps below to set up forms for mulitple lists.

  1. Create your lists under your MailChimp account.
  2. Build the signup forms for each list. Be sure that all common fields, such as First Name or Email Address are labeled exactly the same across all your lists.
  3. View the page source on each list's signup form to locate and write down the unique account and list IDs, indicated by the 'u' and 'id' hidden fields. 
  4. Now, embed a signup form on your website that reflects the fields that your MailChimp lists are expecting to collect. Choose the embed form option in the Form Builder to view, copy, and paste example form code. 
  5. When you set up these forms on your site, create a page in your website that your forms can submit to. This page is used to gather and validate data. Once data is finalized, it's submitted back to the appropriate list hosted on MailChimp via the API.

Content preferences in your signup form won't reference a content type. They'll reference the list you want your subscriber's data sent to. For example, if you set up 3 lists, List A, List B, List C, your signup form should have a field that asks, "Would you like to signup for content A, B or C?" 

Once this information is passed back to your website your code would then parse the preference and send the recipient's data to the appropriate list.

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