Chimpadeedoo is an iPad and Android app that allows you to have a simple signup form on your tablet, making it easy for people to sign up to your MailChimp list whether they're in your store, at your event, or just out and about. Chimpadeedoo captures subscriber information even when you're offline, then uploads subscribers to your MailChimp list when you connect to a wifi or cellular network.

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Connect Chimpadeedoo to your MailChimp account

After installing Chimpadeedoo, launch the app on your iPad. The first screen prompts you to login and choose a list. Tap the lock icon at the top center of you screen.

Here you can either use your user name and password to login or use an API key from your MailChimp account.

After logging in with your MailChimp credentials you can set up your Chimpadeedoo form.

Setup the Chimpadeedoo form

Once you're logged in to Chimpadeedoo, the Settings page displays. The Settings page lets you choose a list, select the fields you want to appear on the form, set opt-in and security options, export failed subscription data, and log out.

You can return to the Settings page at any time by tapping the Gear icon in the top right of the app.


Tapping the List option shows any lists in your MailChimp account. Select the list you'd like to use with Chimpadeedoo.

You can always return to the Settings page to change the list used in the app.

Tapping Visible Fields allows you to toggle which fields appear for this list in Chimpadeedoo.

Only fields that already exist in your MailChimp list are available on this screen. If you need to create new fields for your list, you need to do this from within your MailChimp account. Check out this article for more information. Groups are not currently supported with the iPad version of Chimpadeedoo.


Under the Preferences heading you're able to choose the opt-in setting for the list when working with Chimpadeedoo. If you tap Opt-in Setting on this screen we show three opt-in settings you can choose from.

We recommend using double opt-in for your list. Using double opt-in typically leads to overall healthier lists and fewer list related headaches. However, we do allow users to change Chimpadeedoo's opt-in setting to single opt-in since it's sometimes more convenient for subscribers in a kiosk or trade show environment.


Chimpadeedoo allows you to set a password to help make sure no one inadvertently (or not so inadvertently) makes changes to your Chimpadeedoo form. Setting a password and toggling the Lock setting to on requires you to enter the set password before any changes can be made to the Chimpadeedoo form.

When Chimpadeedoo is open on your iPad, the app will disable the iPad's ability to enter sleep mode by default. If you find yourself needing to conserve power on your iPad, just toggle the Allow Chimpadeedoo to Sleep option to on. This allows your iPad to enter sleep mode if it needs to when Chimpadeedoo is running.

Export Data

The Export Data section of the Settings page displays email addresses that have failed the subscription process. Failed subscriptions are typically email addresses that could not be added to your list due to missing required field information or an invalid email address(like instead of, for example).

Email addresses collected while offline are considered failed subscriptions. Once Chimpadeedoo can maintain a steady wireless connection, the app attempts to submit failed subscription email addresses to MailChimp again. Any valid email addresses collected while offline are removed from the failed subscriptions at this time.

You can export Failed Subscriptions via email from the Settings screen. Choose Failed Subscriptions to open the list and tap the share button in the top right. Chimpadeedoo populates an email message with the text details of failed subscriptions, and lets you to send it to any email address.

Log out

If you need to log out of Chimpadeedoo, tap the Log Out button. If you've collected subscribers while offline, be sure to connect to a wireless network or export your data before logging out. If you log out before connecting to a network or exporting subscriber data, those subscribers and their information will be lost with no way to recover that data. Make sure you've connected to a wireless network or exported subscriber information before logging out of Chimpadeedoo so you don't lose your subscriber data.

Customize the look of Chimpadeedoo

The Chimpadeedoo app provides options for customizing the look of your form. When editing the form, the four icons in the top left allow you to customize the form layout, images, text, and colors.


Tap the Layout icon in the top left to change the position of your form logo. You can also remove the logo from the form completely if you'd like.

If you want to change the logo image to something other than the default, skip to the next section about Images.


You can change the logo and background image used with your Chimpadeedoo form by tapping the Image button. Under the Background menu you can select from the themed images already in the app, or upload your own background image from your Photo Library.

Tapping the Logo menu option allows you to upload a new image from your Photo Library to use as your form logo or remove the logo from the form completely.


Tapping the Text button allows you to change the wording and font for the Company, Title, Description, and Button on your form.


The Color button lets you change the text and button colors.

Whenever you're finished editing your settings, just tap the Lock icon at the top of your screen and you're form is ready to accept new subscribers!

Troubleshooting Chimpadeedoo

Subscribers aren't uploading to my MailChimp list

If you're not seeing subscribers get uploaded to your MailChimp list there could be a couple of reasons for this.

  • Does your list use double opt-in? If so, people that sign up through your Chimpadeedoo form may not have clicked the confirm link in their subscription confirmation email yet. You can change your opt-in settings to a single opt-in process if you'd like, but we typically find double opt-in lists to be much healthier than single opt-in lists.
  • Are you currently connected to a wifi network? Subscribers won't be pushed to your MailChimp list until your tablet has a steady wifi connection. Make sure you're connected to a wifi network, then check your list in MailChimp once more.
  • Did you out log out or uninstall Chimpadeedoo before connecting to a network? If you log out or uninstall Chimpadeedoo before connecting to a network, all subscriber data that has not been pushed to the MailChimp list will be lost permanently. There is not a way to recover subscriber data when this happens.

Forgot password to lock screen

At this time there is not a way to reset the Chimpadeedoo password from inside the app. If you forget the Chimpadeedoo lock screen password, you must uninstall and reinstall Chimpadeedoo on your iPad. Once you reinstall and log back into Chimpadeedoo, you won't be prompted for a password when tapping the lock icon until you set up a new lock screen password.


  • This article covers the iPad version of the app. If you're looking for info on the Android version, head over here.
  • Subscribers pending confirmation are not visible in Chimpadeedoo. Once a subscriber has confirmed their subscription, they will appear in your MailChimp list.
  • When you look at the entries from your tablet in the list, the Join Date is when the app sent the email addresses to the list (so if you don't have a wireless connection up at the time your subscribers sign up, the join date will be noted the next time you connect).
  • The IP address is the IP address of the wireless connection and we note You added this member in the subscriber profiles for those subscribers.
  • If you want to collect more information about the subscribers who signed up through Chimpadeedoo, use the update profile link in your campaigns or Welcome Email and request more information when you send them their first campaign.

This feature is limited to certain user levels. You can see your user level on the Users & Account Details page and this article explains what each level can access in the account.

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