About Automation Reports

Your automation report is similar to a regular campaign report, except it shows complete automation statistics as well as individual email statistics.

Below, you'll learn where to find your automation reports and about some of the reporting features.

View Automation Reports

  1. Navigate to the Reports page.
  2. Click the Automation tab.
  3. Click View Report to open the automation's report.

Click View Report to see Automation report

This will display overall statistics for the automation. Statistics include Subscribers who've completed, which is the number of subscribers who have been sent every email in the automation, and Emails sent, which is the number of individual emails sent out to subscribers who are part of the automation’s queue.
View overall statistics for the automation

Additional tracking on the Overview page includes the Monthly Performance chart, which displays open rate, click rate, and emails sent for the overall automation. Because the chart is designed to show month-to-month performance, the automation needs to be active for at least a month before the chart populates with data.
View the overall performance for the automation by month

View Automation Email Reports

  1. Navigate to the Reports page.
  2. Click the Automation tab.
  3. Click View Report to open the automation's report.
  4. Scroll down to the Workflow Emails section and choose View Report for the email report you want to view.

Many of the stats on an Automation email's report are the same as a regular campaign report's stats. There are a few stats that are unique to Automation email reports.
View statistics for the automation email report overview

  • Delay
    The delay time set for the email.
  • Status
    Gives the current status of the email, including how long it's been sending and if it is currently paused.
  • Queue
    Number of subscribers currently in the queue. If a subscriber has been sent all the emails in the automation, they will not be counted as being in the queue.
  • Last Sent
    The last date and time that the email was sent to a subscriber in the queue.

View Statistics for Deleted Automation Emails

When an email in an automation is deleted, we will include its basic reporting data on the Automation report's Workflow Overview page under Deleted Workflow Emails. These stats will help you understand the aggregate stats for the overall automation.

  1. Navigate to the Reports page.
  2. Click the Automation tab.
  3. Click View Report to open the automation's report.
  4. Scroll down to the Deleted Workflow Emails section to view the stats for any deleted email in the automation.

View statistics for deleted automation emails

Once an email is deleted, we no longer hold on to the full email report. Only the stats shown in the Deleted Workflow Emails section are available. This includes the day and time the email was deleted, its open and click rates, and the number of times it was sent to subscribers in the automation's queue.

Information in the Activity Digest Email

If you chose to send the digest email on the Setup step of the Automation Builder, it will send to the selected account users on days when there is automation activity on the previous day. The digest email will include the previous day's reporting data, like the number of emails sent, open and click rates, and the amount of income generated if you connected your online store to MailChimp. It will also include statistics pulled from the total opens, clicks, and sends for the overall automation.
Statistics in the activity digest email for automations

  • Sent
    The number of emails from the automation that were sent in the previous day.
  • Opens
    The number of times an email in the automation was opened in the previous day.
  • Clicks
    The number of times a link in an email in the automation was clicked in the previous day.
  • New Subscribers
    Number of subscribers added to the automation in the previous day.
  • Completed
    Number of subscriber who completed the automation in the previous day.
  • Bounced
    The number of emails sent in the previous day that bounced.

The percentages beneath the Sent, Opens, and Clicks stats in the gray box are based on the percent increase or decrease for the previous day against the overall average for the automation. For example, in the image above, the number of sends for that day is 46% higher than the number of average daily sends for that automation since it was started.

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