Causes of High Bounce Rates

If you see a high bounce rate in your campaign report, there are several reasons why this may be happening. Below, you'll learn about some common causes of high bounce rates.

Your List Import Had Errors

Sometimes, .CSV files need to be checked for formatting errors before you import and can cram extra information into important fields in your list, like the email address field. To check if there were formatting errors on your list import, navigate to the  Lists page in your account and click the name of the list to view its subscribers and determine if you see anything out of place or any extra information crammed into the email address field. 

You're Using a Free Email Service as Your From Email Address

In an effort to stop fraudulent emails,  certain email providers have changed their DMARC policies. If you're using a free email service like Yahoo or Gmail for your  From email address, it will fail DMARC authentication, causing emails sent to receiving servers that check for DMARC to bounce. We strongly recommend an email address from a private domain like the one you use for work or your website.

Your List is Old

If you've been using your list for a while, and you're just now starting to see higher bounce rates, it could be due to your list going "stale." Stale lists include subscribers who signed up long ago and forgot, or who are no longer interested in your product, service, or content.
If you think your list could be stale, it's time to reconfirm your inactive subscribers.

Your List Contains Bad Data

If your list is brand new, and already showing high bounce rates, it may be a problem with where the list came from or how it was compiled. Take some time to determine if your list is okay to use.

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