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Getting Started

Create a Subscriber List

Get started with MailChimp by creating your subscriber list.

Working with Images and Files

Upload images and files into your MailChimp campaigns and templates using the File Manager.

Design Campaign

Create beautiful campaigns to send to your subscribers using MailChimp's design tools.

Create Campaign

Select a campaign type, add recipients, choose a template design, and add your content while creating a campaign to send to your subscribers in MailChimp.

Working with Signup Forms and Response Emails

Create, customize and share signup forms and response emails in MailChimp.

Working with Templates

Select from mobile-responsive, pre-designed or saved templates to use in your MailChimp campaigns.

Importing and Adding Subscribers

Import your subscribers into your MailChimp list.


Organize the subscribers in your MailChimp list into groups for targeted communication.


Use MailChimp's segmentation tools to send targeted campaign content to your subscribers based on profile information, subscriber engagement history, group selections, and additional data provided by your connected integrations.


Merge Tags

Use MailChimp's merge tags to populate personalized or dynamic content in your campaigns, signup forms and automated emails.


Facebook Integration

MailChimp's Facebook features help you make connections, collect subscribers, and share your campaigns.


Automation : Overview

Use MailChimp's Automation feature for sending automatic campaigns to subscribers on your list based on sending events.

Technical Support