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Getting Started

Working with Images and Files

Upload images and files into your MailChimp campaigns and templates using the File Manager.

Working with Templates

Select from mobile-responsive, pre-designed or saved templates to use in your MailChimp campaigns.


Use MailChimp's segmentation tools to send targeted campaign content to your subscribers based on profile information, subscriber engagement history, group selections, and additional data provided by your connected integrations.

Design Campaign

Create beautiful campaigns to send to your subscribers using MailChimp's design tools.

Create Campaign

Select a campaign type, add recipients, choose a template design, and add your content while creating a campaign to send to your subscribers in MailChimp.

Working with Signup Forms and Response Emails

Create, customize and share signup forms and response emails in MailChimp.


Organize the subscribers in your MailChimp list into groups for targeted communication.

Create a Subscriber List

Get started with MailChimp by creating your subscriber list.

Importing and Adding Subscribers

Import your subscribers into your MailChimp list.


Combine Lists

Manage fewer lists in your MailChimp account by combining multiple lists into one single list.

Update Profile

Allow your subscribers to update their list subscription preferences by using MailChimp's update profile merge tag.

Set Default Merge Value

Use a default value to replace any missing field data for your subscribers when personalizing your MailChimp campaigns.

Importing Subscribers to Groups

Organize your subscribers into groups when you import your list.

Syntax Errors

Troubleshooting syntax errors in your MailChimp list import.

Redirect Thank You Pages

Set up a redirect URL for your own custom thank you pages as part of the newsletter signup process.

Delete Groups

Delete groups from your MailChimp list.

Forward to a Friend

Use MailChimp's Forward to a Friend feature so your subscribers can easily forward your campaign to people that aren't on your list.

Remove Subscribers from Groups

Select one or multiple subscribers from your MailChimp list and remove them from groups.

Resubscribe an Accidental Unsubscribe

Learn how to add an accidentally unsubscribed email address back into your MailChimp list.

Move Subscribers into Groups

Organize your existing MailChimp subscribers by moving them into groups.

Unsubscribe Link

Using MailChimp's unsubscribe merge tag in your campaigns.

Removing Subscribers

Learn how to remove subscribers from your list in MailChimp.


Merge Tags

Use MailChimp's merge tags to populate personalized or dynamic content in your campaigns, signup forms and automated emails.

Add Read More Link

Create Read More links in your MailChimp campaigns to display additional content in your campaign archive or on your website.

Subject Line Researcher

Get creative ideas on writing effective subject lines for maximum open rate on your MailChimp campaigns by using the Subject Line Researcher feature.


When designing your campaign in MailChimp, collaborate with other account users, send tests to request feedback, and leave comments.

Create RSS-Driven Campaign

Create an RSS-Driven campaign in MailChimp, that sends automatically when new posts are added to your blog.

Archive Bar

The Archive Bar is displayed across the top of the web version of your MailChimp campaign, and helps subscribers share and translate your campaign and more.

Inbox Inspector

Test the way various email clients will render out your campaign html by using MailChimp's Inbox Inspector.

Add Campaign Archive to Site

With MailChimp's archive code you can pull in archive links for all your campaigns onto your website.

Personalize the "To:" Field

Personalize the email campaigns you send in MailChimp, by addressing your subscribers by name in the "To:" field.

Add Multiple Read More Links

Create Read More links in your MailChimp campaigns to display additional content in your campaign archive or on your website.

Email Beamer

Email Beamer allows you to design your campaign using any email client, then send it out through MailChimp.

Add Video to Campaign

Add video content to your campaigns using MailChimp's merge tags, or link your video URL to an image.

Simple Poll

Use MailChimp's simple poll merge tag in your campaigns to gauge subscriber opinion on a topic.

Add Blog Post to Campaign

Include a single blog post or multiple blog posts in a Regular, A/B split, Plain Text, or RSS-Driven campaign through the use of our FEED merge tags.

Create a Link

Link your MailChimp campaign images and text to web addresses, email addresses, files, anchor links, or gather events.

Table of Contents

Set up a table of contents in your MailChimp campaign to allow your subscribers to navigate quickly to a specific place in your content.

Customize Footer

Use MailChimp's tools to customize and edit the default footer of your campaign.


Designate Facebook Thumbnail Image

Designate which image will display when your MailChimp campaigns are posted on Facebook.

Twitter Integration

The Twitter integration allows you to automatically tweet your campaigns directly to Twitter and pull information from your Twitter profile into campaigns using MailChimp's merge tags.

Facebook Integration

MailChimp's Facebook features help you make connections, collect subscribers, and share your campaigns.

Google Analytics

Add Google Analytics tracking to your MailChimp campaigns and track clicks from your campaigns all the way through purchases on your website.

Facebook Like Button

With the Facebook 'like' merge tag, your subscribers can like your Facebook page, your campaigns, or any other website directly from your campaigns.


Automation : Overview

Use MailChimp's Automation feature for sending automatic campaigns to subscribers on your list based on sending events.

Automation : Welcome Message

Automation workflows use events and triggers to send either a single, or series of, emails to specific subscribers on a list.

Automation : Annually Recurring Event

How to use MailChimp's Annually Recurring Event automation workflow.

Automation : Educate Subscribers

How to use MailChimp's Educate Subscribers automation workflow.

Automation : Website Activity

How to use MailChimp's Website Activity automation workflow.


Edit Address information

Edit or update the address information in your MailChimp account and in each individual list.

Verify Domain

Before you send a campaign in MailChimp, verify that you are using a valid 'from' email address hosted at a domain you can access.

User Permissions

Set up a MailChimp account as an Admin and grant permission to Managers, Authors, and Viewers, based on the level of access you want them to have.

Technical Support